BTB Woven Bag

The Iconic Carry All

Luxurious woven bags for a beach day, an elegant brunch date, and everything in between.


The travel worthy edit that adds a
bit of luxury and fun for any occasion.

”Honestly I never loved a straw bag
so much. It’s more than just a
beach tote. Super cute and gets lots
of compliments!” - Sarah K

”I got my clutch as a b-day gift and
have taken it with me to all my trips.
Well made and styles with all my
outfits casual or night out. “ - Jess M.

“This bag brings me more happiness
than I’d ever thought. Looks
expensive and really does work with
so many looks.” - Brenda S

The Stylish Jet-Setter

Weekend getaway or exotic
island destination, find your
perfect, chic travel companion
for your next planned trip.

A new aesthetic brand that makes living life more fun and less serious.
Capture your best moments and post all your faves.

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